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Dedication:This story, as all my stories, are dedicated to my mother, Leona Tice, who was my first inspiration of imagination and creativity... and to my father, Russell Tice, who was also proud of me! :) (I will love them both dearly... forever.)

This whimsical little story is also dedicated to my neice Christi, whose smile has always been a blessing in my life. (And I pray for my doll baby to also make it home!)


A Smile From Above is a lovely little fairytale of God's great love for all things!

Written by: Barbara Ann Hall 
The very first time I opened my eyes I saw her looking down at me lovingly, the beautiful little girl with the emerald green eyes. I didn't know what love was then, but it's something that I know well now.

We played together everyday and sometimes she would take me to school with her. There wasn't much we didn't do together.

At night, as I lay on her pillow, I would listen to her pray. Her long dark hair felt so soft against my face as she cuddled me close.

As time passed, I spent more of my days sitting on the chair in the corner of her bedroom by the window... waiting. Waiting for her morning smile, waiting for her laughter when she arrived home after school, waiting for her goodnight kisses before bed, and waiting for her prayers to reach my ears from my cold and distant place upon the chair. I missed sleeping upon her pillow and feeling her soft hair against my cheek.

One autumn day I waited endless hours listening for her laughter... a laughter that never came. Oddly, she kissed me goodbye that morning, but there were no kisses before the night grew cold. Alone, I sat in the dark.

Night after night I sat in that little chair by the window... waiting. Only barely could I see out of the large high windowpanes; a slight wisp of the branches of the tree we climbed together many times, a glisten of the sun by day, the glow of the moon by night, and my star, my brilliant twinkling star! Every night, when I would sit remembering the sweetness of her voice as she prayed, it would smile at me.

When the sun rose in the mornings I watched the dust bunnies dance around the room as we use to together and listened to the birds singing to only me now. They sounded sad and lonely, not at all the happy tune of yesterdays. Hours passed into days and days and days.

Was that laughter? Could it be? When I looked up I saw her emerald green eyes staring down at me glistening with tears as a radiant smile brightened her face. Her long dark hair felt so soft against my face as she hugged me close. Hello mommy!

Then I saw her, a cheerful little girl with powder blue eyes reaching up for me with glee.  From that moment on, there wasn't much we didn't do together. We played together every day and she would read me stories every night before our mommy tucked us lovingly into bed as she sang. Then she would sit on the end of our bed and pray. Oh how nice it was to hear mommy's prayers again!

The years of time ticked on quickly, until once again an autumn's day turned to a cold season as I sat alone in the corner chair by the window. Hello dust bunnies! Be happy little birds! This time, I sat in hope and looked forward to my nightly visitor, my smile from above.

While watching the dust bunnies dance around the room one winter's morning, I heard it! Her laughter! She was home! I sat anxiously awaiting, I waited a very long time, till the dust bunnies slept in the dimness of the room. Does she not remember that I am here? 

At first, I thought the loud pounding was my heart aching, until I realized someone was coming! Suddenly the bedroom door swung open with a loud bang! In ran a little boy with powder blue eyes, jumped up on my chair to see out the window,  kicking me to the floor!

Just as I thought my heart would break, she tenderly reached for me. Oh! Her hands felt so good! She gave me a gentle hug, looked me over and straightened my clothes, before sitting me back in my chair. Then she sat a little teddy bear by my side and smiled at me before quietly closing the bedroom door.

I knew then. I closed my eyes tight, for I knew. I waited anxiously for my nightly visitor and the comfort of his brilliant familiar smile.

One morning when I opened my eyes, I saw her staring down at me lovingly, a beautiful old woman with emerald green eyes. I recognized her instantly! Mommy! It's been such a long, long time!

Once again we spent our days together, watching the dust bunnies dance around the room and listening to the birds singing cheerfully outside the window. At night we shared the same pillow, her soft gray hair against my face was so comforting and I listened to her prayers, as in our yesterdays, whispered softly in my ear.

The dust bunnies! Look mommy, the dust bunnies! Birds... sing louder! Please sing louder little birds, be my voice! Longing, I waited for her to awake, but her eyes remained closed. No morning smile or tender hug. No gentle breath upon my cheek.

Hopeful, I laid upon her pillow... waiting. Waiting till the morning turned to night... hello star! And the night once again turned to morning... look at the dust bunnies! Listen... the birds are happy! I desperately missed her emerald green eyes glistening at me. 

I didn't know then that seasons have an end, but it's something I know well now. There's an end to waiting for happiness to fill your life, but with a smile from above, there's an eternity of love that fills your heart!

Thank you God for opening mommy's emerald green eyes once again and thank you for letting dolls into heaven!

Good morning mommy! Good morning dancing bunnies! Good morning singing birds! Good morning smiling star!